Allocating properties

When you apply to Homes4D&G, we will register your application on the housing list according to the type and size of property that you require.

We will work out the number of bedrooms that you require using the following criteria, based on who will be living permanently with you in the household.

• No more than two people should have to share a bedroom;
• One bedroom for couples/partners;
• One bedroom for single adults/single parents;
• One bedroom for two children of different sex up to 8 years old;
• One bedroom for two children of the same sex up to 12 years old; and
• One bedroom for each child of 12 years or over

Allocation Properties - Number of Bedrooms

We will make common sense exceptions to these rules, depending on individual circumstances. For example: if you require an additional bedroom on medical grounds; if you provide foster care; if you have access to children who do not reside with you on a full time basis.

Please note - our size criteria for allocating homes is not based on the regulations set by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). This means that you may not get housing benefit to cover any additional bedrooms you apply for.

If you are selected for a property, we will notify you if you will be under-occupying the property and therefore liable for the under-occupation charge. This will allow you to make an informed choice about whether you want to proceed with the tenancy.