Applicant advice

This section contains all of our help and guidance to assist you in making the best decision to suit your personal circumstances.

Actions on your application

As an applicant to Homes4D&G, there are actions you can set on your application yourself ie deferral or merging an application which can assist you in making your application positively affect your circumstances.

However, there are also actions such as suspending your application, which are set by our Implementation Team that may be unfamiliar to you.

Click here for more information on actions on your application.

Appeals to Homes4D&G

You can appeal to Homes4D&G if you think that a decision we have made is wrong.

You have the right to appeal against:
• The points we award your application
• A decision to suspend you from receiving offers for housing
• A decision to cancel your application
• Any decision we make which you believe is not in accordance with the common allocation policy

Click here for more information about appeals.

Armed Forces applicants

Ex-servicemen and women have a direct and priority route into affordable housing by Homes4D&G. A percentage of annual lets across all partners are ring-fenced for Armed Forces personnel to give service people an easier and clearer route into housing.

Click here for more information for Armed Forces applications.

Complaints to Homes4D&G

If something goes wrong or you aren’t happy with our service, you can make a complaint to us. We value complaints and use information from them to help us improve our service to applicants.

Anyone can make a complaint to us, including a representative for someone who is dissatisfied with our service.

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Homelessness can happen to anyone at any time. Dumfries and Galloway Council holds the legal obligation to help homeless people but a housing application for accommodation will be handled through Homes4D&G.

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If your home is unsuitable

There are lots of reasons why your home can become unsuited for you or your lifestyle. You could add to your family, your health could deteriorate, your children may move on after growing up – your property may not be up to scratch to live in any longer.

There are a variety of things you can do if your current property becomes unsuitable for you.

Click here for our guidance information on what to do if your home is unsuitable.

Medical applications

If you need to be rehoused for medical reasons, we will ask you to complete a medical application form. This is independently assessed by Homes4D&G’s Occupational Therapist.

Click here for more information about making a medical application.